5 Things to Enjoy With Your Family at Portland, Oregon

After having gotten your US ESTA visa, you have a wide array of destinations to visit in the United States with your family. One such destination that is bound to offer you and your family all the fun you need is Portland, Oregon. This is a destination that has a lot of enjoyment to provide to you and your family. Below are 5 major attractions in Portland, Oregon that you and your family can enjoy:

1. The Oaks Amusement Park

This is one park in Portland that is bound to provide entertainment

Death Rattle: The Music Industry Needs You!

With digital sales topping CD sales (officially) this year, the music industry is being transformed. People no longer buy CDs; they download albums in a few short minutes. This wouldn’t be such a bad thing if illegal downloading wasn’t the preferred method of acquiring music, but unfortunately we all enjoy owning something precious for free.

Gone With the Wind - An all-time Classic

When Margaret Mitchell first wrote her book about life in the Southern States of the US as seen through the eyes of the daughter of Irish immigrants both before and after the civil war, little can she have known the world-wide phenomenon

The Sound of War: Music and the Web

My band and I were recently commissioned by a local bar patron to record as much material as we could in 4 hours and put the finished CD behind the bar. We had a great day of recording at the local studio and as soon as I had the CD,